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The Gurus

Here is a list of all of the members participating in the challenge, which table they're doing, and how many prompts/tables, they're attempting/completed.

Fandom: Realms (original)
Focus: Blaize (character)
Table: 10 Pirates (pre-made)
Completed Prompts: 1/10
Table Link

Fandom: The Marked (original)
Focus: General series
Table: Random 50 v. 1 (pre-made)
Completed Prompts: 0/50
Table Link

Fandom: Naruto
Focus: General series
Table: Custom
Completed Prompts: 0/25

Fandom: Tithe
Focus: General
Prompt: Random 10 version 1 (pre-made)
Completed Prompts: 5/10
Table Link

Fandom: Shadow Walker (original)
Focus: Jordan Callaway (character)
Prompt: Sinful 10 (pre-made)
Completed Prompts: 0/10

Fandom: High School musical
Focus: Gabriella Montez/Ryan Evans
Prompt: Personal table.
Completed Prompts: 0/25
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Hi and Welcome!

Hi everyone and welcome to the community. This should be my last mod post for a little while at least. I just wanted to say that all of our premade tables are up...for now.

Ideally, I'd like to add new tables once or twice a month. If you don't like our tables, request one of our own to be made.

Make your claims, give us the link to your table, and happy writing. Have fun, and show the world that you rock at words.
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Pre-Made Tables (Work in Progress)

The Sinful 10

by lbrc

001.Lust. 002.Sloth. 003.Glutton. 004.Guilt. 005.Greed.
006.Wrath. 007.Envy. 008.Pride. 009.Corruption. 010.Innocense.

10 Critters

by lbrc

001.Kittens. 002.Puppies. 003.Dragons. 004.Horses. 005.Wombat.
006.Fish. 007.Dolphin. 008.Monkey. 009.Tiger. 010.Penguin.

10 Pirates

by lbrc

001.Pillage. 002.Plunder. 003.Sword. 004.Sail. 005.Booty.
006.Hunt. 007.Curse. 008.Patch. 009.Gold. 010.Damsel.

Random 10 version 1 by lbrc

001.Account. 002.Secret. 003.Chair. 004.Tree. 005.Jealous.
006.Soft. 007.Freezing. 008.Shopping. 009.Sunshine. 010.Snowflake.

25 Songs To Break Up To

by lbrc

001.Shape of My Heart. 002.I Want It That Way. 003.Total Eclipse of the Heart. 004.Heartbreak Lullaby. 005.Estella.
006.Collapsed. 007.Naïve Orleans. 008.Forget It. 009.Lovefool. 010.Lose It All.
011.It’s All Coming Back To Me Now. 012.Call Me When You’re Sober. 013.Pre-Ex Girlfriend. 014.Happy? 015.Since U Been Gone.
016.Mr. Brightside. 017.Break You. 018.Skin. 019.She’s All I Ever Had. 020.One For Sorrow.
021.Baby, Don’t you Break My Heart Slow. 022.I Don’t Have Anything. 023.Kiss The Rain. 024.Under The Surface. 025.Days Gone By.

All lyrics and songs can be found by clicking this link. This is a friends only post, so have the community friended to see it.

Random 25 version 1 lbrc

001.Contemplating. 002.Movies. 003.Drive In. 004.Toilet. 005.Toothbrush.
006.Purse. 007.Scratch. 008.Drawer. 009.Fear. 010.Turmoil.
011.Miserable. 012.Disaster. 013.Pencil. 014.Boss. 015.Quit.
016.Eyes. 017.Shiny. 018.Sparkling. 019.Quarter. 020.Dollar Bill.
021.Marker. 022.Letters. 023.Video Games. 024.Holiday. 025.Sleepy.

50 Noise Makers

by lbrc

001.BOINK. 002.BOOP. 003.BWAHAHA. 004.BEEE-OOOP. 005.POW.
006.PLOP. 007.SPLOOSH. 008.GOOSH. 009.SQUACK. 010.SQUEE.
011.SCREE. 012.AAHHHH!. 013.GWAK. 014.OOOOH. 015.EEEE-OOOOO.
016.HORNBLOW. 017.BELL. 018.SLAM. 019.WHACK. 020.SLURP.
021.GROWL. 022.WHAMMY. 023.GROAN. 024.YELP. 025.SHRIEK.
026.CRACK. 027.SIZZLE. 028.POP. 029.SNAP. 030.MOAN.
036.MARACA. 037.BEAT. 038.JINGLE. 039.FUZZ. 040.POUNCE.
041.PLUNK. 042.BUMP. 043.CRASH. 044.SWISH. 045.GASP.
046.BWUM. 047.SCRATCH. 048.STRINGS. 049.PIANO. 050.CLAP.

Random 50 version 1 lbrc

001.Play. 002.Gloves. 003.Glasses. 004.Cockroach. 005.Red.
006.Sick. 007.Vomit. 008.Rug. 009.Raman. 010.Cheese.
011.Redundant. 012.Ambidextrous. 013.Ambitious. 014.Hot Pocket. 015.Bath.
016.Trumpet. 017.Dance. 018.Tie. 019.Suit. 020.Tuxedo.
021.Bird. 022.Concrete. 023.Roof. 024.Nose. 025.Shartuse.
025.Flourecent. 027.Flat. 028.Shimmer. 029.Ice. 030.German.
031.Asia. 032.Ocean. 033.Penquin. 034.Deoderant. 035.White.
036.Silver. 037.Gold. 038.Bronze. 039.Saphire. 040.Checkers.
041.Chess. 042.Wire. 043.Write. 044.Novel. 045.Tender.
046.Anatomy. 047.Flowers. 048.Hats. 049.Popcorn. 050.Speaker.

Emotional 100

by lbrc

001.Betrayed. 002.Scared. 003.Chipper. 004.Surprised. 005.Excited.
006.Amazed. 007.Tired. 008.Bored. 009.Smart. 010.Stupid.
011.Sexy. 012.Slutty. 013.Horny. 014.Romantic. 015.Cold.
016.Comfortable. 017.Fuzzy. 018.Hot. 019.Bouncy. 020.Curious.
021.Sad. 022.Depressed. 023.Mortified. 024.Disappointed. 025.Bland.
026.Focused. 027.Ready. 028.Sore. 029.Angry. 030.Devious.
031.Delighted. 032.Hungry. 033.Careful. 034.Thoughtful. 035.Weird.
036.Random. 037.Sick. 038.Terrible. 039.Guilty. 040.Ashamed.
041.Annoyed. 042.Facecious. 043.Sarcastic. 044.Bitter. 045.Traitorous.
046.Heartless. 047.Hopeful. 048.Dead. 049.Joyful. 050.Alive.
051.Creepy. 052.Creeped Out. 053.Worried. 054.Bitchy. 055.Bothered.
056.Hyper. 057.Feverish. 058.Thirsty. 059.Longing. 060.Loved.
061.Sweet. 062.Blue. 063.Eager. 064.Failure. 065.Bratty.
066.Completion. 067.Brave. 068.Proud. 069.Bold. 070.Patient.
071.Impatient. 072.Relaxed. 073.Stressed. 074.Dark. 075.Mysterious.
076.Hidden. 077.Indifferent 078.Obligated. 079.Naive. 080.Euphoric.
081.Jealous. 082.Rage. 083.Selfish. 084.Modest. 085.Vain.
086.Arrogant. 087.Confused. 088.Kind. 089.Gentle. 090.Honest.
091.Decietful. 092.Pitiful. 093.Humiliated. 094.Hateful. 095.Ecstatic.
096.Lonely. 097.Cool. 098.Disgusted. 099.Moody. 100.Expressive.

Random 100 version 1 by lbrc

001.Gown. 002.Crown. 003.Snake. 004.Rose. 005.Staircase.
006.Stained. 007.Broken. 008.Plug. 009.Memory. 010.Glass.
011.Magnet. 012.Cushion. 013.Wood. 014.Cremate. 015.Dog.
016.Eyebrow. 017.Cheek. 018.Burgundy. 019.Wine. 020.Grape.
021.Leather. 022.Purple. 023.Lavendar. 024.Lilac. 025.Case.
026.Chocolate. 027.Claw. 028.Wound. 029.Strawberries. 030.Cologne.
031.Peanut. 032.Sink. 033.Fushia. 034.High school. 035.Locker.
036.Spandex. 037.Make out. 038.Garbage. 039.Stinky. 040.Ceiling.
041.Peep. 042.Earing. 043.Engaged. 044.Buried. 045.Dirt.
046.Chipper. 047.Gloom. 048.Sassy. 049.Soulful. 050.Bored.
051.Smoosh. 052.Oven. 053.Apply. 054.Noun. 055.Action.
056.Sticky. 057.Sport. 058.Laundry. 059.Soap. 060.Soup.
061.Spoon. 062.Kiss. 063.Smirk. 064.Love. 065.Yard.
066.Walk. 067.Blanket. 068.Cuddle. 069.Frame. 070.Frail.
071.Vuluptous. 072.Rowdy. 073.Language. 074.Translate. 075.Breast.
076.Teeth. 077.War. 078.Legs. 079.Dress. 080.Light.
081.Bump. 082.Rage. 083.Curves. 084.Dry. 085.Hula.
086.Laid. 087.Swam. 088.Snooze. 089.Shimmy. 090.Moonlight.
091.Scarve. 092.Chirp. 093.Goose. 094.Pillow. 095.Fan.
096.Brr. 097.Boo.> 098.Cash.> 099.General.> 100.Team.>

I Love The 80's

by lbrc

001.Ninja. 002.Turtle. 003.Rainbow. 004.Bright. 005.Gummi Bears.
006.Transform. 007.Captain. 008.Planet. 009.Frogger. 010.Teen.
011.Mutant. 012.Slap. 013.Bracelets. 014.Puffy. 015.Hair.
016.Stirrup. 017.Pants. 018.Leggings. 019.Beads. 020.Ponytail.
021.Little. 022.Ponies. 023.Hologram. 024.Nintendo. 025.Rubik’s Cube.
026.Boom. 027.Box. 028.Cassette. 029.Tape. 030.Miami.
031.Vice. 032.CNN. 033.He. 034.Man. 035.Master.
036.Universe. 037.Cartoon. 038.Toy. 039.Music. 040.Video.
041.Ghost. 042.Star. 043.War. 044.Breakfast. 045.Club.
046.Brat. 047.Pack. 048.Excellent. 049.Adventure. 050.Risky.
051.Business. 052.Sixteen. 053.Candles. 054.Pork. 055.Rumble.
056.Disney. 057.Pac-Man. 058.Arcade. 059.Atari. 060.PC.
061.Assassination. 062.Crack. 063.Journey. 064.Cars. 065.Weird.
066.Science. 067.Pretty. 068.Pink. 069.Wolf. 070.Night.
071.Shift. 072.Spike. 073.Future. 074.Material. 075.Thriller.
076.Wham. 077.Saturday. 078.Purple. 079.Rain. 080.Terminator.

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Table Request

Want a custom made table for your challenge? Tell us what you want in it. You can give us all the words, or just tell us what you want the theme to be, and how many to put in it. Don't ask for anything completely absurd though (i.e: "I want a table with ONE MILLION WORDS in it).
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Request your tags by posting here with the link to your FIRST post, as well as a link to your challenge table, and we'll archive it all for you.
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Make Your Claims

Post your claims here with the journal you are posting here with.

Fandom: what are you writing about?
Prompt Set: are you using a mod premade table? or are you going to want to make up your own?
Character/Pairing/General: are you claiming one character? a pairing? or a general?
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