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Tithe / General Fandom / #2, 3, 5, + 7

Tithe is love. <3; I'm going on a fanfic-spree for it, so beware of future multi-posts. XD;

Title: (Extra)ordinary
Fandom: Tithe
Characters: Kaye/Roiben
Challenge: Random10 Version 1
Prompt: #3 Chair
Word Count: 530
Rating: *shrugs* Safe for all, I guess.
Summary: See past the faery-glamour, and the layers of spells that hold it all together. 


Title: Believe
Fandom: Tithe
Characters: Kaye
Challenge: Random10 Version 1
Prompt: #2 Secret
Word Count: 252
Rating: E for Everyone :)
Summary: If you believe in us, believe us.


Title: Submerge
Fandom: Tithe
Characters: Janet, Kaye
Challenge: Random10 Version 1
Prompt: #7 Freezing
Word Count: 350
Rating: If you're old enough for Tithe, you're old enough for this.
Summary: It's the dead of night, the crowd is wild, and all she sees is blue. 


Title: glitterfall
Fandom: Tithe
Characters: Mostly Janet, some Kaye and some Kenny.
Challenge: Random10 Version 1
Prompt: #5 Jealousy
Word Count: 616
Rating: If you're mature enough for Tithe, you're mature enough for this.
Summary: Flash back to a little girl reaching for hands that aren't there, for words she can't find.

Tags: general, random 10.1, tithe, zanisha
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