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Pre-Made Tables (Work in Progress)

The Sinful 10

by lbrc

001.Lust. 002.Sloth. 003.Glutton. 004.Guilt. 005.Greed.
006.Wrath. 007.Envy. 008.Pride. 009.Corruption. 010.Innocense.

10 Critters

by lbrc

001.Kittens. 002.Puppies. 003.Dragons. 004.Horses. 005.Wombat.
006.Fish. 007.Dolphin. 008.Monkey. 009.Tiger. 010.Penguin.

10 Pirates

by lbrc

001.Pillage. 002.Plunder. 003.Sword. 004.Sail. 005.Booty.
006.Hunt. 007.Curse. 008.Patch. 009.Gold. 010.Damsel.

Random 10 version 1 by lbrc

001.Account. 002.Secret. 003.Chair. 004.Tree. 005.Jealous.
006.Soft. 007.Freezing. 008.Shopping. 009.Sunshine. 010.Snowflake.

25 Songs To Break Up To

by lbrc

001.Shape of My Heart. 002.I Want It That Way. 003.Total Eclipse of the Heart. 004.Heartbreak Lullaby. 005.Estella.
006.Collapsed. 007.Naïve Orleans. 008.Forget It. 009.Lovefool. 010.Lose It All.
011.It’s All Coming Back To Me Now. 012.Call Me When You’re Sober. 013.Pre-Ex Girlfriend. 014.Happy? 015.Since U Been Gone.
016.Mr. Brightside. 017.Break You. 018.Skin. 019.She’s All I Ever Had. 020.One For Sorrow.
021.Baby, Don’t you Break My Heart Slow. 022.I Don’t Have Anything. 023.Kiss The Rain. 024.Under The Surface. 025.Days Gone By.

All lyrics and songs can be found by clicking this link. This is a friends only post, so have the community friended to see it.

Random 25 version 1 lbrc

001.Contemplating. 002.Movies. 003.Drive In. 004.Toilet. 005.Toothbrush.
006.Purse. 007.Scratch. 008.Drawer. 009.Fear. 010.Turmoil.
011.Miserable. 012.Disaster. 013.Pencil. 014.Boss. 015.Quit.
016.Eyes. 017.Shiny. 018.Sparkling. 019.Quarter. 020.Dollar Bill.
021.Marker. 022.Letters. 023.Video Games. 024.Holiday. 025.Sleepy.

50 Noise Makers

by lbrc

001.BOINK. 002.BOOP. 003.BWAHAHA. 004.BEEE-OOOP. 005.POW.
006.PLOP. 007.SPLOOSH. 008.GOOSH. 009.SQUACK. 010.SQUEE.
011.SCREE. 012.AAHHHH!. 013.GWAK. 014.OOOOH. 015.EEEE-OOOOO.
016.HORNBLOW. 017.BELL. 018.SLAM. 019.WHACK. 020.SLURP.
021.GROWL. 022.WHAMMY. 023.GROAN. 024.YELP. 025.SHRIEK.
026.CRACK. 027.SIZZLE. 028.POP. 029.SNAP. 030.MOAN.
036.MARACA. 037.BEAT. 038.JINGLE. 039.FUZZ. 040.POUNCE.
041.PLUNK. 042.BUMP. 043.CRASH. 044.SWISH. 045.GASP.
046.BWUM. 047.SCRATCH. 048.STRINGS. 049.PIANO. 050.CLAP.

Random 50 version 1 lbrc

001.Play. 002.Gloves. 003.Glasses. 004.Cockroach. 005.Red.
006.Sick. 007.Vomit. 008.Rug. 009.Raman. 010.Cheese.
011.Redundant. 012.Ambidextrous. 013.Ambitious. 014.Hot Pocket. 015.Bath.
016.Trumpet. 017.Dance. 018.Tie. 019.Suit. 020.Tuxedo.
021.Bird. 022.Concrete. 023.Roof. 024.Nose. 025.Shartuse.
025.Flourecent. 027.Flat. 028.Shimmer. 029.Ice. 030.German.
031.Asia. 032.Ocean. 033.Penquin. 034.Deoderant. 035.White.
036.Silver. 037.Gold. 038.Bronze. 039.Saphire. 040.Checkers.
041.Chess. 042.Wire. 043.Write. 044.Novel. 045.Tender.
046.Anatomy. 047.Flowers. 048.Hats. 049.Popcorn. 050.Speaker.

Emotional 100

by lbrc

001.Betrayed. 002.Scared. 003.Chipper. 004.Surprised. 005.Excited.
006.Amazed. 007.Tired. 008.Bored. 009.Smart. 010.Stupid.
011.Sexy. 012.Slutty. 013.Horny. 014.Romantic. 015.Cold.
016.Comfortable. 017.Fuzzy. 018.Hot. 019.Bouncy. 020.Curious.
021.Sad. 022.Depressed. 023.Mortified. 024.Disappointed. 025.Bland.
026.Focused. 027.Ready. 028.Sore. 029.Angry. 030.Devious.
031.Delighted. 032.Hungry. 033.Careful. 034.Thoughtful. 035.Weird.
036.Random. 037.Sick. 038.Terrible. 039.Guilty. 040.Ashamed.
041.Annoyed. 042.Facecious. 043.Sarcastic. 044.Bitter. 045.Traitorous.
046.Heartless. 047.Hopeful. 048.Dead. 049.Joyful. 050.Alive.
051.Creepy. 052.Creeped Out. 053.Worried. 054.Bitchy. 055.Bothered.
056.Hyper. 057.Feverish. 058.Thirsty. 059.Longing. 060.Loved.
061.Sweet. 062.Blue. 063.Eager. 064.Failure. 065.Bratty.
066.Completion. 067.Brave. 068.Proud. 069.Bold. 070.Patient.
071.Impatient. 072.Relaxed. 073.Stressed. 074.Dark. 075.Mysterious.
076.Hidden. 077.Indifferent 078.Obligated. 079.Naive. 080.Euphoric.
081.Jealous. 082.Rage. 083.Selfish. 084.Modest. 085.Vain.
086.Arrogant. 087.Confused. 088.Kind. 089.Gentle. 090.Honest.
091.Decietful. 092.Pitiful. 093.Humiliated. 094.Hateful. 095.Ecstatic.
096.Lonely. 097.Cool. 098.Disgusted. 099.Moody. 100.Expressive.

Random 100 version 1 by lbrc

001.Gown. 002.Crown. 003.Snake. 004.Rose. 005.Staircase.
006.Stained. 007.Broken. 008.Plug. 009.Memory. 010.Glass.
011.Magnet. 012.Cushion. 013.Wood. 014.Cremate. 015.Dog.
016.Eyebrow. 017.Cheek. 018.Burgundy. 019.Wine. 020.Grape.
021.Leather. 022.Purple. 023.Lavendar. 024.Lilac. 025.Case.
026.Chocolate. 027.Claw. 028.Wound. 029.Strawberries. 030.Cologne.
031.Peanut. 032.Sink. 033.Fushia. 034.High school. 035.Locker.
036.Spandex. 037.Make out. 038.Garbage. 039.Stinky. 040.Ceiling.
041.Peep. 042.Earing. 043.Engaged. 044.Buried. 045.Dirt.
046.Chipper. 047.Gloom. 048.Sassy. 049.Soulful. 050.Bored.
051.Smoosh. 052.Oven. 053.Apply. 054.Noun. 055.Action.
056.Sticky. 057.Sport. 058.Laundry. 059.Soap. 060.Soup.
061.Spoon. 062.Kiss. 063.Smirk. 064.Love. 065.Yard.
066.Walk. 067.Blanket. 068.Cuddle. 069.Frame. 070.Frail.
071.Vuluptous. 072.Rowdy. 073.Language. 074.Translate. 075.Breast.
076.Teeth. 077.War. 078.Legs. 079.Dress. 080.Light.
081.Bump. 082.Rage. 083.Curves. 084.Dry. 085.Hula.
086.Laid. 087.Swam. 088.Snooze. 089.Shimmy. 090.Moonlight.
091.Scarve. 092.Chirp. 093.Goose. 094.Pillow. 095.Fan.
096.Brr. 097.Boo.> 098.Cash.> 099.General.> 100.Team.>

I Love The 80's

by lbrc

001.Ninja. 002.Turtle. 003.Rainbow. 004.Bright. 005.Gummi Bears.
006.Transform. 007.Captain. 008.Planet. 009.Frogger. 010.Teen.
011.Mutant. 012.Slap. 013.Bracelets. 014.Puffy. 015.Hair.
016.Stirrup. 017.Pants. 018.Leggings. 019.Beads. 020.Ponytail.
021.Little. 022.Ponies. 023.Hologram. 024.Nintendo. 025.Rubik’s Cube.
026.Boom. 027.Box. 028.Cassette. 029.Tape. 030.Miami.
031.Vice. 032.CNN. 033.He. 034.Man. 035.Master.
036.Universe. 037.Cartoon. 038.Toy. 039.Music. 040.Video.
041.Ghost. 042.Star. 043.War. 044.Breakfast. 045.Club.
046.Brat. 047.Pack. 048.Excellent. 049.Adventure. 050.Risky.
051.Business. 052.Sixteen. 053.Candles. 054.Pork. 055.Rumble.
056.Disney. 057.Pac-Man. 058.Arcade. 059.Atari. 060.PC.
061.Assassination. 062.Crack. 063.Journey. 064.Cars. 065.Weird.
066.Science. 067.Pretty. 068.Pink. 069.Wolf. 070.Night.
071.Shift. 072.Spike. 073.Future. 074.Material. 075.Thriller.
076.Wham. 077.Saturday. 078.Purple. 079.Rain. 080.Terminator.