Never Let This Go

Van Leeuwenhoek University

Title: Bittersweet View
Fandom: Van Leeuwenhoek University
Characters: Jimmy Whewell and Garret Schuttman
Challenge: Color
Prompt: Black
Word Count: 552
Rating: G
Summary: If only for a moment, see what I see and feel what I feel.

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Van Leeuwenhoek University

Title: Confession
Fandom:Van Leeuwenhoek University (original)
Characters: Francisco Fonseca, Jimmy Whewell, Garret Schuttmann
Challenge: Colors
Prompt: Orange
Word Count: 607
Rating: PG 13? (language and drinking)
Summary: Alcohol is an excuse to speak your mind.

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Tithe / General Fandom / #s 4, 8.

Title: Iron and Vines
Fandom: Tithe/Valiant.
Characters: Val, Lolli, Luis, Dave.
Challenge: Random10 Version 1
Prompt: #4 Tree
Word Count: 494
Rating: About the same as the books.
Summary: The higher you climb, the harder you fall. So where's the catch?

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Title: Heart of the City
Fandom: Tithe/Valiant.
Characters: Val, Lolli.
Challenge: Random10 Version 1
Prompt: #8 Shopping
Word Count: 676
Rating: About the same as the books.
Summary: Val's first subway ride, at the age of five.

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Hello Writing Gurus!

It's been a while, I know, but here's an extra contest. What do you win? An exclusive shiny banner that shows your amazing writing abilities.

It's summer in two days. The contest is to pick a fandom, any fandom (original, AU, whatever you want to write) and write a 500 minimum word story about the summer time. Post it up here before June 30th, 2007 ends (wherever you are), and you win!

Good luck!

PS- There will also be other awards related to this challenge issued based on various different things, but those are a surprise. ;)
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The Claims list has been updated, and we're still accepting claims.

Contest coming soon, and the prize is going to be a pretty shiny thing to show off to the rest of the world. Details will be up in a week or so.

Anyone who replied to my request to affiliate, I somehow lost all my comments recently, so if your community is not on the list and it should be, please let me know.
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Tithe / General Fandom / #2, 3, 5, + 7

Tithe is love. <3; I'm going on a fanfic-spree for it, so beware of future multi-posts. XD;

Title: (Extra)ordinary
Fandom: Tithe
Characters: Kaye/Roiben
Challenge: Random10 Version 1
Prompt: #3 Chair
Word Count: 530
Rating: *shrugs* Safe for all, I guess.
Summary: See past the faery-glamour, and the layers of spells that hold it all together.

Title: Believe
Fandom: Tithe
Characters: Kaye
Challenge: Random10 Version 1
Prompt: #2 Secret
Word Count: 252
Rating: E for Everyone :)
Summary: If you believe in us, believe us. 

Title: Submerge
Fandom: Tithe
Characters: Janet, Kaye
Challenge: Random10 Version 1
Prompt: #7 Freezing
Word Count: 350
Rating: If you're old enough for Tithe, you're old enough for this.
Summary: It's the dead of night, the crowd is wild, and all she sees is blue. 

Title: glitterfall
Fandom: Tithe
Characters: Mostly Janet, some Kaye and some Kenny.
Challenge: Random10 Version 1
Prompt: #5 Jealousy
Word Count: 616
Rating: If you're mature enough for Tithe, you're mature enough for this.
Summary: Flash back to a little girl reaching for hands that aren't there, for words she can't find.